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What happens during a filling?

Most of us encounter a cavity at some point our lives. The damage left by tooth decay needs to be repaired in order to keep it from progressing and causing an infection. A dental filling is a great option for repairing your tooth while keeping your smile aesthetically pleasing.

Dr. King will remove the tooth decay and ensure that your tooth is completely clean. Then he uses a material called composite resin to fill in the hole left by the decay. Composite is pliable and comfortable to work with. It’s directly bonded to your tooth which creates a seal that protects your tooth from further damage. Dr. King can customize composite to match your tooth so your dental work is not noticeable.

Composite is durable and doesn’t experience breakdown due to temperature changes in the mouth like metal amalgam fillings. Your composite fillings have the potential to last for many years with excellent home care and regular dental check-ups with Dr. King.

Composite resin can also be used to make small repairs to your teeth with dental bonding. Small chips, fractures, discoloration, gaps, misalignment, and size discrepancies can be repaired with dental bonding.